Register Your .creditunion Domain Name

Credit unions in the United States now can register the .creditunion top-level domain name, which can be used for websites and email. Credit unions are strongly encouraged to register their .creditunion domain name, even if they have no immediate intent to use it.  CUNA is providing management support services for the .creditunion domain name on behalf of the domain’s Registry Operator, CUNA Performance Resources.

Switching to a new domain name is not easy, but having a .creditunion domain name is a way of distinguishing your credit union from other financial institutions, and it is something you may want to consider in the future.  To protect the domain name, and to ensure that a credit union with a similar name in another state does not register it, credit unions should take the steps now to secure their .creditunion domain name.  (CUNA’s website does not state what the cost is for registering a .creditunion domain name.)

Registering your .creditunion domain name is a three-step process:

  1. Fill out the .creditunion verification form.  This step allows you to demonstrate–and verify–that you are a representative of a currently operating U.S. credit union.
  2. Once you’ve completed the verification, you will be contacted by CUNA with confirmation on your verification.
  3. You then can complete the process of registering your domain name.

Credit unions also should consider registering .financial domain names, again to preserve them for possible future use.  These domain names can be registered through a number of domain name registries, so you should check first with the registry you have used for your other domain names.