Young and talented!  Young and Free Maine, powered by Maine's credit unions, announces winners of Sound-Off music competition

March 23, 2017

Proving that Maine's credit unions aren't just about helping people achieve their financial dreams, the 6th Annual 'Sound Off' Music competition, presented by Young & Free Maine, which is powered by Maine's credit unions, gave a big boost to help some Maine musicians' realize their life dreams.

"Maine has talent - lots of it, and millennials in the state certainly have their fair share of it.  It was great to see so much passion and energy from our finalists at today's competition.  To me, they are all winners," stated Jake Holmes, Young & Free Maine Spokester, after he announced the winners of the 2017 'Sound Off', on Thursday, March 23, at Next Generation Theater in Brewer.

The Sound-Off finals featured three soloists/duos and three groups competing for the top prize of a $500 gift certificate to record at Main Street Studios in Bangor, and a chance to play a live performance at the 2017 Old Port Festival in Portland.

When the last note was played, the judges gathered and selected the first, second and third place finishers in both categories.

In the soloists/duo category, Lindsay Mower took top honors, with Bri Lane and Holly Clough, finishing second and third, respectively. 

In the group category, first place went to The Resistance, followed by Northside Ramblers and Seven Seconds Left.

All competitors had at least one member between the ages of 18-25 years-old, which is the focus of Young & Free Maine, an innovative program from Maine's credit unions designed to help that age group with financial issues as well as connect on a variety of other topics and activities. 

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