A 'World' of success!  Maine Credit Union League's Annual Meeting and Convention attracts largest crowd in decades

May 22, 2017

Capitalizing on a theme, "Maine's credit unions - A World of Opportunity," that highlighted the strong growth of Maine's credit unions, the 2017 Maine Credit Union League's 79th Annual Meeting and Convention, was an out-of-this-world success.  The Convention, held May 19-20 in Portland, attracted nearly 875 attendees, the largest crowd in decades. 

"Interest, participation and engagement from attendees in the Convention was as strong as I've seen it in my nearly 30 years with the League.  It was great to see the enthusiasm with record membership and other successes translate into attendance," remarked Cheryl Lancaster, SVP of Member Services for the League, who helped organize and coordinate the Convention.

The Convention featured a variety of speakers, educational sessions and networking opportunities that all received high marks from attendees.  The Convention's Closing Session featured Jeff Skiles, Co-Captain with Captain Chesley "Sully" Sullenberger on the 'Miracle on the Hudson Flight'.  Skiles captivated the audience with his first-hand account of the flight that defied all odds and landed successfully in the Hudson River, after losing both of its engines.  Skiles attributed much of the flight's success in avoiding any loss of life in "good training and even better teamwork.  Much like you all do in your credit unions and other workplaces, how you prepare and react makes a difference."

Following the retirement of long-time League President, John Murphy, Todd Mason, who became the organization's new President in late April, was presiding over his first Convention as the organization's new leader.  "It was great to meet so many people from the Maine CU System.  The level of cooperation really struck me, and reinforced my perception of the strength of Maine's credit unions."