When It Comes To Supporting Youth Sports, Maine CUs Are 'In The Game'!

September 15, 2016

From coordinating and sponsoring successful basketball tournaments to youth football and numerous baseball and softball teams, Maine credit unions are in the game in communities across Maine.  Over the past few years, support of youth sports by Maine CUs has continued to grow, and is now visible on uniforms, in gyms and on fields in many communities throughout the state.  

"It's a great way to be visible in the community, and to support youth activities, which are a big part of the towns we serve," stated Jessica Rice, Member Engagement Manager at Town & Country FCU, which was the lead sponsor of the NE Patriots Football and You Youth Camp, held in July at Fitzpatrick Stadium in Portland.  Rice added, "The kids had a great time, and got shirts with our logo on it for participating so it's a nice way to be remembered long after the event has ended."

For Infinity FCU, since the CU has branches in several communities, it supports multiple youth sports teams.  Liz Hayes, President/CEO of the CU, said, "We take our commitment to being a part of the community very seriously, as well as being engaged with young people.  For our teams, we not only sponsored them but gave them gifts at the end of the year.  We enjoy being a part of these activities, and it's good for our community connection, too."

In Baileyville, youth teams come from throughout the region to participate in Down East CU's Annual basketball tournament, which is held for grades 8 and lower for both boys in girls.  The tournament serves as a fundraiser for the Woodland Recreation Department.   "It reinforces how involved we are in the community.  It gets our name out there, and is a nice community event,"  explained Donna Cochran, VP at the CU.

"Youth sports continues to grow, and not only does a credit union's sponsorship of a team or displaying signage at a field or gym reach the kids participating but it also reaches parents, grandparents and other spectators.  It's an effective way to be seen, and many credit unions are 'adopting' the teams they sponsor to take the experience to a whole new level," remarked Debra Trautman, VP of Corporate Marketing for the Maine CU League, which sponsors a number of athletic events and teams throughout the state each year.