Skimming education for consumers being offered via media outreach by Maine CUs

July 15, 2016

The Maine Credit Union League's expertise and perspective on financial issues continues to resonate with media outlets, as the League has been called upon recently by various media outlets to help educate consumers on skimming and offer ways to protect themselves. 

Recently, in light of recent headlines noting various skimming attempts at ATMs specifically in southern Maine including at a credit union, several media outlets have worked with the League to provide information to help protect consumers and raise awareness about the issue of skimming, which is when an electronic skimmer is placed on a device to steal users' card information. 

Rebekah Higgins, VP of Payment Systems for the League, is an expert at explaining how skimming works.  "This is a significant issue and should be something that consumers and others should be particularly cautious about."  She also offered tips to help consumers be better prepared and protected.  "If something doesn't look right at an ATM, ere on the side of caution rather than ignore it.  Report any suspicious activity or circumstances to your financial institution immediately," she advised.