Radio interview highlights strengths, popularity (and superhero status) of Maine's credit unions

June 24, 2016

How positive was an interview that started out with the line, "Credit unions are superheroes?"  That was just one of the positive soundbytes that came out of an interview recently that featured John Murphy, President of the Maine Credit Union League, as a guest on the widely-listened to George Hale and Ric Tyler Morning Show on The Voice of Maine NewsTalk radio network.  The opening remark was prompted by Tyler suggesting Maine's credit unions as "superheroes," and Murphy responded in the affirmative with, "Maine's credit unions are superheroes."

During the nearly 15-minute interview that aired in the popular 7:35 a.m. segment, Murphy and the hosts covered a wide range of topics including record CU membership in Maine, the strength of the credit union structure, the growth of mortgages at credit unions, and the success of the League's statewide awareness campaign in helping to increase membership and usage.  When asked why he thought credit unions were experiencing significant growth in popularity, Murphy responded, "Credit unions are local and owned by members, and consumers appreciate that structure, especially in Maine.  Credit unions offer the products, services and convenience that consumers are looking for, and consumers have responded by utilizing credit unions in greater numbers than ever before."

From highlighting the fact that membership at Maine's credit unions is now at more than 672,000 to robust growth in lending, listeners heard that, despite strong competition from other financial institutions, "credit unions are doing great."