A Record Day At The Fair(s):  Nearly 500 High School Students Participate In Financial Fitness Fairs Coordinated By Maine Credit Unions

October 18, 2013

On Wednesday, October 16, nearly 500 high school seniors participated in one of three Financial Fitness-Money Management Experience events, coordinated by Maine's credit unions.  This one-day total represents the most students to participate in one of these fairs since Maine's credit unions introduced the first fair back in 2004.  Fairs took place at Portland High School, Erskine Academy in China, and Scarborough High School.

"The fact that we could reach that many students in one day and provide valuable lessons in money management and financial fitness is a testament to the willingness of credit unions to volunteer and commit time and resources, as well as underscores the high priority that credit unions place on helping students to better understand personal finance," stated Jon Paradise, AVP of Governmental and Public Affairs for the Maine Credit Union League.

The day, which can be compared to an interactive ‘game of life,’ builds awareness for youth education and for credit unions’ dedication to financial literacy in their communities.  The Financial Fitness Money Management Experience is a half-day event during which students will check in and receive a scenario packet of their life at age 22, which includes their occupations, income and credit history. From there, students will have to map out their financial future from financing their housing to purchasing food and clothing.  

Feedback from students participating in the fairs was very positive and reflective of the need for this type of event.  One student remarked, “The financial choices I make matter because I can’t rely on my parents when I am an adult.  This really made me think about my future.”  Another added, “Honestly, today made me not like reality because managing money is tough.  This really opened my eyes and I have a lot to learn."

For more information about scheduling or participating in an existing fair, please click here to send an email.