News Segment: "Maine CUs Often Have More Technology With Less Fees!"

June 11, 2015

A recent news story that aired on WGME CBS 13 highlighted the fact that, "Not only do most Maine credit unions have the latest and most sophisticated technology and products but most offer them to members at "a better value than other financial institutions."  Technology and how using it at a credit union can save consumers money was the subject of a 'Saving You Money' segment which aired recently on WGME CBS 13.

In the segment, Maine CU League's President John Murphy discussed, "Having multiple delivery channels that enables consumers to access their money in a variety of ways is important.  Technology offers a number of ways to save money including postage from paying bills, gas to go to a branch and time.  Time is money and credit unions have the products and services designed to match the preferences and needs of consumers."

The segment also showed footage of the latest technology and profiled the new ApplePay technology at cPort CU, the first credit union to implement ApplePay several weeks ago.  Laura Miller of cPort CU demonstrated some of the technology and how it works for the segment, and mentioned products and services offered like mobile check deposit, checking account balances on your phone, and making transfers with a click.  

The League also reinforced the growing popularity of mobile banking.  WGME CBS 13 noted the fact that the Maine Credit Union League statistics found that mobile banking is growing five times faster than traditional online banking.  "When it comes to technology, credit unions not only have it but, in many instances, are leaders in implementing it at a lower cost than banks," added Murphy.