Maine's Congressional Delegation To Maine's Credit Unions: "You Are The Backbone Of Your Communities!"
March 3, 2014

At a Breakfast hosted by the Maine Credit Union League on Capitol Hill last week for Maine's Congressional Delegation, the Delegation thanked Maine's credit unions for "your commitment to the communities you serve and to the thousands of members you serve."

More than 70 credit union representatives from across Maine attended the Breakfast which included three members of the state's Congressional Delegation and representatives from all four offices.  It is one of the largest, if not the largest, single gathering of Maine citizens on Capitol Hill each year. 

Senator Collins addressed the group first.  "It is a great honor and something I look forward to each year.  I have never missed a Breakfast during my time in Washington.  You should be very proud of all that credit unions do, from ending hunger to the Annual Swish-Out Basketball Tournament and many more great events and activities that you are part of each year.  Maine consumers appreciate credit unions, as evidenced by your record membership.  Thank you for all that you do," Senator Collins explained.

Senator King echoed much of Senator Collins' sentiments and added, "Credit unions did not cause the problems in the financial services industry but excessive regulations risk having an adverse effect on the ability of credit unions and other smaller financial institutions to serve their members.  Keep telling your stories; we want to hear them.  Credit unions do a great job in Maine and I want to help you to continue to do that."

Congressman Michaud, who, in 2002, was the nation's only Credit Union Board Member elected to Congress, said the structure and principals of credit unions "makes you different from other institutions.  A credit union helped me when I was just out of school with no credit and I have never forgotten that."  Congressman Michaud was attending his final Maine CU League Breakfast, as he is running to be Maine's next Governor this fall.  The Maine CU League endorsed Michaud's candidacy last October.

Though Congresswoman Pingree was out of town and unable to attend, her top financial services counsel, Matthew MacKenzie, spoke on her behalf.  "Congresswoman Pingree admires all that Maine's credit unions do for your members.  I want to do all that I can to help you do even more because you help make Maine work through the services, products and focus on the needs of your members."

John Murphy, President of the Maine Credit Union League, said, "Maine's credit unions appreciate the strong support that all members of our Congressional Delegation have demonstrated on behalf of Maine's credit unions and our 637,000 members."