Maine's Congressional Delegation to Maine CUs: "Thank you for how you serve Maine people everyday!"

June 14, 2016

While not much legislation is getting passed on Capitol Hill these days, Maine's Congressional Delegation were all in agreement in their declaration of support and praise for Maine's credit unions.  During a recent visit to the offices of all four members of the state's Delegation, nearly 20 representatives from Maine's credit unions heard many kind words about how CUs "help hundreds of thousands of Mainers everyday."

"It is always nice to hear such kind words from each member of our Congressional Delegation about the work and services that credit unions provide and do for communities across Maine.  Credit unions serve Mainers in a variety of ways, and it was clear that each member of our Delegation appreciates the value that credit unions provide to consumers," stated John Murphy, President of the Maine Credit Union League.

Senator Collins said, "Maine credit unions have such a great perspective on what is happening in Maine because you are connected to so many people.  You should be proud at how much you help communities."  Senator King agreed, adding, "Credit unions do so many things that other financial institutions are unwilling or unable to do and, for that, I am grateful."  Congresswoman Pingree noted, "Credit unions have members and you know your members so well.  That is a big difference from other financial institutions."  Congressman Poliquin remarked, "Because of who you serve and what you do, I want to help in any way I can.  Credit unions are as local as you get and, as a proud credit union member, I understand the importance of letting you do what you do - serve your members."