Maine Legislators: "CUs do it right!"

November 9, 2015

A panel of Maine legislators recently addressed an audience of credit union professionals about political involvement and relationships and the bi-partisan panel was unanimous in their praise of Maine CUs.  "Maine credit unions are about bringing a positive message to Augusta, building relationships and getting involved," stated one of the legislators with the others nodding in unison at the event in Freeport.

The panel was part of the Maine CU League's Legislative Forum, an event aimed at building political and legislative awareness and knowledge with credit union professionals.  Participating on the panel was: Rep. Ken Fredette, House Minority Leader and a credit union Board Member; Rep. Sara Gideon, Assistant House Majority Leader; Sen. David Burns, Senate Chair of the Judiciary Committee; and Rep. Barry Hobbins, House Chair of the Judiciary Committee.  The panel discussed a variety of topics including the past legislative session, current issues and provided a preview of the upcoming session that begins in January.

Rep. Fredette called the participation of credit unions in the political process "a great way to get your message across and reinforce the many things that credit unions do for the people of Maine."  Rep. Hobbins agreed, adding, "Credit unions are well-respected in Augusta by both parties because you are the local financial institution and do so much for your members." 

In addition to the panel, Karen Hughes, who served as Counselor to President George W. Bush, was the Opening Speaker and also commended credit unions "for taking the time to understand the issues, and be active and engaged in the process.  Our democracy works when people get involved."