Something To Be 'Thankful' About!  Maine CUs Partner With Good Shepherd Food Bank To Purchase 8,000 Thanksgiving Meals

November 19, 2013


 At a ceremony at Good Shepherd Food Bank's Brewer location, representatives from Maine's credit unions present a check to fund the Food Mobile and purchase 8,000 Thanksgiving meals.


As part of an event celebrating the 8th anniversary of the state's first Food Mobile's visit to Eastern Maine, the Maine Credit Unions' Campaign for Ending Hunger celebrated its partnership with the Good Shepherd Food Bank with a contribution that will help purchase 8,000 Thanksgiving meals for Maine people and their families across the state.

Representatives from several Maine credit unions participated in the event held at the Brewer Distribution Center of Good Shepherd Food Bank.  While the event celebrated the Food Mobile and the significant positive impact it has had on delivering food to people and areas in need since it first arrived in 2005, the ceremony also provided an opportunity to make an impact on families in need.

Kristen Miale, President/CEO of Good Shepherd, said, "This donation comes at a time when many Maine residents are facing new challenges feeding their families, as food stamp benefits were cut at the beginning of the month.  We are pleased at the support of Maine's credit unions and the Maine Credit Unions' Campaign for Ending Hunger in once again recognizing a need and doing something about it.  Thanks to their support, we will be able to work with food pantries to purchase 8,000 Thanksgiving meals for people, including many children, who otherwise may not have had one."

Jon Paradise, AVP of Governmental and Public Affairs for the Maine Credit Union League, explained, "Maine's credit unions are proud to be a leader in ensuring that Maine's hungry are not overlooked this holiday season, at a time when families continue to be challenged and struggle financially.  The Food Mobile continues to be an invaluable resource to Maine's food pantries in these challenging months and throughout the year.  As we begin the winter season, this resource is an increasingly important tool, as it is able to go the more remote food pantries that may have trouble sending someone to pick up food."