Maine CU League Reports 100% Affiliation for 2016

February 17, 2016

Recently, the Maine Credit Union League announced that it had received dues for League membership and dues for CUNA membership from all 60 of the state's credit unions.  As a result, the League has achieved 100% affiliation for the fifth consecutive year.

"We are very proud to continue to represent every Maine credit union in the state, and the 665,000 members they serve.  We are especially pleased that our member credit unions appreciate the value and benefits that come with League and CUNA membership, and recognizing the importance of cooperation and working together," stated John Murphy, President of the League.

Murphy said that the strength of Maine's credit unions is the ability to come together to promote the growth of not only membership but usage of credit unions by Maine consumers.  "We certainly accomplish much more collectively than we do separately."​