Maine Credit Union League announces 2016 Candidate endorsements; Non-partisan breakdown nearly 50/50 split

September 2, 2016

This past week, the Maine Credit Union League's Board unanimously approved candidate endorsements for 2016.  A total of 160 candidates for the Maine Legislature are receiving an endorsement, and the League made endorsements in both Congressional races, as well.  Nearly 10% of the legislative candidates receiving an endorsement are current or former credit union volunteers, relative of a volunteer, or a current or former CU employee.

John Murphy, President of the Maine Credit Union League, said, "Candidate endorsements are a significant part of our political involvement.  It is important to support candidates that support credit unions.  Conversely, the importance of our endorsement is evidenced by the fact that nearly two-thirds of all legislative candidates responded to our Candidate Survey.  This is one of the highest, if not the highest, number of responses we have ever seen.  It underscores the strength and reputation of Maine's credit unions, and candidates seek our endorsement out."

In the Maine Senate, the League endorsed candidates in 31 out of 35 races (89%); and endorsed 129 out of 151 candidates (85%) in the Maine House.  In keeping with its strong commitment as a non-partisan organization, the split in endorsements between Republicans and Democrats was very close with a breakdown of 51% to 49%, respectively. 

In addition to legislative endorsements, the League's Board also unanimously made endorsements in the First and Second Congressional District races with Congresswoman Chellie Pingree and Congressman Bruce Poliquin both receiving the endorsement of the League.

Letters making each endorsed candidate aware of the League's endorsement were sent out on September 1st.  "Many candidates highlight our endorsement in campaign materials and other places so we wanted to make sure that they were notified as early as possible," noted Murphy.