The Maine Credit Union League and Synergent Announce Senior Leadership Changes to Address Evolving Credit Union Needs

December 7, 2017

The Maine Credit Union League and Synergent announced changes to its senior leadership team. These changes are focused on improving speed to market, product development, and coordination of services to address the growing complexities credit unions face.

With rapidly evolving consumer expectations, credit unions must be able to deliver the right service, at the right time and in the right place wherever their members might be. This requires common sense regulation, strong member service and communications, competitive products, and innovative technologies. The planned changes will help ensure the Maine Credit Union League and Synergent remain leaders in these areas and helping credit unions succeed. The changes include:

• Gary Glenn as executive vice president of Synergent, he is responsible for the execution of the organizations' strategic plan, and direct oversight of Information Technology.
• Ben Jordan as senior vice president of Product Development, he is responsible for driving strategy, development and delivery of all of our products, services and partnerships.
• Cris Wescott as senior vice president of Human Resources and Facilities, she is responsible for developing the organizations' staff, culture, and work environment.
• Adam Warfel as vice president of Finance and Accounting, he is responsible for the planning, management and reporting of the organizations' finances, investments and expenditures.
• Vice President of Operations is an open and new position. It is responsible for all customer interactions from initial point of contact to sales to implementation to ongoing support.

Maine Credit Union League
• Cheryl Lancaster as executive vice president of Member Services, she is responsible for identifying and delivering the resources credit unions need to develop their own workforces and remain competitive via education and training, community and media outreach, and credit union collaboration.
• Elise Baldacci as vice president of Governmental Affairs, she is responsible for driving common sense regulation and legislation, developing positive relationships with government officials, and delivering compliance support and tools.

"I am excited about the changes we are making to the organization, which will help us move from being an already great organization to one that is even better," said Todd Mason, president and CEO of the Maine Credit Union League and Synergent. "What makes me so certain that we are on the right path is that it was influenced by input from staff, our Board, and credit unions. Together we recognize to endure the test of time, evolution and growth is essential. Our new senior leadership team will help ensure we are focused on what matters most, and that we are having the conversations needed to accomplish our mission and vision"

The leadership changes are effective immediately. Beyond what is listed above, additional changes are planned at the management and staff levels to support the new structure. These changes will be aimed at combining like teams together, increasing resources available for product development, and improving sales, communications and support.