Legislators Praise Credit Unions At Recent Meetings


Wednesday, January 2, 2013

During the month of December, the Maine Credit Union League hosted a series of breakfasts and luncheons for legislators and local credit union officials across the state.  The events provided an opportunity for legislators and credit union officials to discuss issues and, especially in the cases of newly-elected legislators, learn more about their local credit unions.

John Murphy, President of the Maine Credit Union League, gave brief remarks at each event and highlighted the strong growth and activity at Maine's credit unions over the past year.  "Maine's credit unions continue to gain in popularity with consumers and provide as an important catalyst to helping Mainers with financial services.  Legislators got an opportunity to learn first-hand about the economic benefits that credit unions provide to consumers and they seemed impressed and grateful at the role Maine credit unions play in Maine's economy."

Many of the nearly 100 legislators that attended one of the events were credit union members and were quick to praise the services and benefits that credit unions provide.  As one legislator stated, "I love my credit union and utilize it as my primary financial institution."

Murphy said he was pleased with the turnout of legislators and credit union officials at the events, and was particularly pleased that many of the new legislative leaders for both parties attended one of the events.