Legislators heap praise on Maine's credit unions at CU Day at the State House

March 30, 2017

For the record, Maine credit unions are popular with and appreciated by legislators.  That was the prevailing theme at the Annual Maine CU Day at the State House, held on Thursday, March 30, in the Hall of Flags in Augusta.  More than 100 credit union representatives, representing every region of the state, participated in this year's event, and nearly every member of the Legislature was aware of the strong credit union presence for the event.

In floor speeches in both the Maine House and Senate and in numerous conversations with credit union officials, legislators were forthcoming in their praise of credit unions, with many legislators relaying personal stories about the help that their local credit union provided them and the work of credit unions in their local communities.

In addition to connecting credit union officials and legislators, the event also included a Joint Resolution recognizing Maine's credit unions that was unanimously passed by the Maine House and Senate, and a mock Financial Fitness - Money Management Experience display in the Hall of Flags to give legislators an opportunity to learn more about the award-winning work of Maine's credit unions with Youth Financial Education.

"This was a very positive day for Maine's credit unions.  It is always nice to hear praise from legislators about the positive impact of credit unions on the lives of consumers and on the communities they serve.  Many of the legislators weren't just talking about credit unions as a financial institution but about an important part of communities.  In addition, many legislators said that they 'love' their credit union, not something that you would likely hear many say about the relationship with a bank," remarked John Murphy, President of the Maine CU League.