League Meets With Maine Senate President, Speaker Of The House


Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Maine Credit Union League and Maine's credit unions received a warm reception from Maine's top legislative leaders, the Senate President and Speaker of the House, during separate meetings held recently at the State House in Augusta.

The meetings were arranged as part of the Maine Credit Union League's commitment to building and strengthening relationships with legislative leaders.  Maine CU League President John Murphy described both meetings as "educational, informational and beneficial.  Having an opportunity to sit down with both of the top legislative officers in the Maine House and Senate prior to hearings on any bills or issues we are working on allowed us to outline and communicate our legislative priorities and perspective.  Both leaders appreciated having a discussion on what bills we are working on and may be involved in during the session very early on before the pace of bills and hearings really picks up."

At the meeting with Senate President Justin Alfond, the League highlighted the strength of credit unions and the willingness and readiness of credit unions to lend money.  Senator Alfond was impressed to learn that Maine's credit unions continued to lend throughout the economic crisis and challenges of the past few years.  In recognizing the important role that credit unions have the Maine economy, Senator Alfond said he would like to have credit union feedback be included in the work being done by a the new Joint Select Committee on Maine's Workforce and Economic Future that the Legislature recently formed.  "The Committee would benefit from hearing your ideas and perspective on how we can help small businesses and what more can be done.  Hopefully, credit unions can be part of the process in some manner."

In meeting with Speaker of the House Mark Eves, the League discussed many of the same topics and Speaker Eves also expressed gratitude at the work of credit unions and for making loans available.  "I see the signs on credit unions in my own district about having money to lend, and I like seeing that because it helps consumers and the economy."

Both President Alfond and Speaker Eves said they looked forward to working with the League and Maine's credit unions, and thanked your League for reaching out to them early in the session. 

"The meetings were productive, as we were able to have a constructive dialogue with both leaders and provide them with additional background information on Maine credit unions and our initiatives, and agreed to have ongoing communications with both leaders and their staffs throughout the session," added Murphy.