'C' 'U' At The Polls: Importance Of Credit Union Members' Voting Reinforced

October 21, 2014

"If credit unions don't vote, credit unions don't count," is the message the Maine Credit Union League is conveying to the state's 61 credit unions with 646,000 members, when referring to the importance of voting on Election Day, November 4.  Historically, nearly half of all credit union members are registered voters so voting among credit union members is traditionally very high. 

On Election Day, Mainers will go to the polls to choose a Governor, both of Maine's Congressional Seats, one U.S. Senate race, and all 186 legislative races.  The Maine Credit Union League has endorsed the following candidates: Mike Michaud, a former credit union volunteer and still an Honorary Credit Union Board Member, for Governor; Senator Susan Collins; Congresswoman Chellie Pingree in the First Congressional District; Emily Cain in the Second Congressional District; and candidates in 88 of the 186 legislative races.  "Mainers face difficult choices on Election Day and, based on their support of credit unions and our issues, we believe the candidates we have endorsed would be strong advocates and voices on behalf of Maine's credit unions in Washington and in Augusta.  Ensuring that we have supportive members of Congress, a supportive Governor, and legislators that understand and support our issues is critical on our ability to serve our members," stated John Murphy, President of the Maine Credit Union League. 

In the Maine Legislature, nine candidates with ties to credit unions are running and all have been endorsed by the League including six Credit Union Board Volunteers.  "it's great to see so many individuals with personal credit union relationships running for the Legislature," added Murphy.

For information on voting including registering to vote, poll information and a list of candidates by race, click here.