Five Maine CUs Receive Grants

August 28, 2015

Five Maine credit unions were among the recipients of grants announced by the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA). Nearly 300 credit unions nationwide received grants including the five in Maine. Collectively, the Maine CUs will receive nearly $40,000 in grants.

The five Maine CUs receiving grants are: Eastmill Federal Credit Union, Brewer Federal Credit Union, Lincoln Maine Federal Credit Union, Changing Seasons Federal Credit Union in Hampden, and Community Credit Union in Lewiston.

Congressman Bruce Poliquin, who represents Maine's second district, was among those extending congratulations and praise to both the NCUA and credit unions.  “Our community credit unions are the backbone of Maine's economy.  These grants show the NCUA's commitment to helping our credit unions and small businesses."

John Murphy, President of the Maine Credit Union League, added, "Maine credit unions serve a diverse population, and have individual challenges and opportunities in the communities in which they serve.  It is nice to see many of the grant recipients being smaller credit unions that are located in some of the more economically-challenged areas of our state.  I look forward to seeing these grants be put to good use helping these credit unions to better serve their members and communities."

According to the NCUA, their organization approved funding this year to 225 credit unions for projects building their service, protecting them from fraud or cybercrime in their communities.  580 credit unions applied for $9.4 million in grant funds.  Only the most impressive applications were approved.