Finalists To Be Maine’s Next Young & Free Spokester Named


Friday, June 7, 2013

Because the scores of four of the candidates interviewed to be the next Young & Free Maine Spokester were nearly identical, this year's voting phase features a final four, a departure from the final three in the first and second year of the program.  Voting takes place June 7 through June 18 at 3:00 p.m.

"We are fortunate to have not three but four outstanding finalists for this position this year.  Because the interview committee's scores for these four were so close, the decision was made to have all four participate in the final vote.  Each finalist brings unique experiences and talents to the search for the next Young & Free Maine Spokester so it will be interesting to see how each one goes about attracting votes and, ultimately, rises to the top," remarked the Maine Credit Union League's AVP of Corporate Marketing, Debra Trautman, a member of the search committee. 

The final four are: Joshua Hasseltine, 23, of Milford; Lauren Reeves, 21, of Windham; Kirsten Russell, 22, of Cumberland; and Taylor Ussery, 22, formerly of Presque Isle and currently living in Houlton. 

The four finalists will have to produce a challenge video and a new blog based on a topic.  Both will be posted on June 12th.  The voting takes place from Friday, June 7, at 3:00 p.m., to Tuesday, June 18, at 3:00 p.m.  The public may vote for their favorite entry during the voting period by visiting, and following the instructions on the contest website. Voting will be open to the general public.  The winner will be announced by Friday, June 21st. 

In addition to making additional videos and writing new blogs, all four candidates are participating in radio interviews the week of June 10th highlighting their candidacy and the Young & Free Maine Program on Q-97.9 in southern Maine, and Z-107.3 in Bangor.  Additional radio and TV interviews will likely be scheduled, too.  "During the voting, each candidate has an opportunity to stand out and be creative and, at the same time, increase awareness about the Young & Free Maine program and Maine's credit unions," Trautman added.

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