Election Again Highlights League’s Non-Partisan Political Involvement

November 6, 2014

“A friend is a friend, regardless of party affiliation.  Our focus is on a candidate’s record of support of credit unions and our issues.  That is a position that has served us well throughout the years, and puts credit union interests in good shape for the new Legislature that was elected on Tuesday, November 4,” stated John Murphy, President of the Maine Credit Union League, when discussing the importance of being a non-partisan organization when making candidate endorsements.  “Our Political Involvement objective is quite simple – we support Republican, Democrat and Independent candidates that support credit unions – win or lose."

A review of the League’s 89 candidate endorsements for the Maine House and Senate reinforces the League’s strong reputation as one of the most non-partisan organizations in Augusta.  Of the 89 legislative candidates endorsed by the League in 2014, 46 were Democrats, 42 Republicans and 1 Independent.  In 2012, the endorsement breakdown was dorsement policy is to primarily endorse incumbents, the endorsements are a reflection of which party is in control of the House and Senate. 

"In 2012, because Republicans controlled both chambers of the Legislature, we supported a few more Republicans that year.  In 2014, a few more Democrats received our endorsement for the same reason,” remarked Murphy, adding, “Ultimately, endorsements are about supporting candidates that have a record of supporting credit unions.  Candidates from all parties seek the support of credit unions and they are very appreciative when they receive it.”