A 'Cooperative' Success! Co-Op Month Includes CU Week, Financial Fairs, Fundraisers

October 30, 2015

The end of the month of October provided a chance at reflection for another successful involvement by Maine's credit unions in National Co-Op Month.  As the state's largest co-op, with 661,000 members statewide, Maine's credit unions marked the month in a variety of ways including International CU Week, coordinating financial fitness fairs that reached nearly 1,000 high school students, held successful fundraisers for ending hunger, and much more.

"Cooperatives play a significant role in not only the Maine economy but in communities across Maine.  Because of the growing popularily of credit unions, with record membership, assets, savings and loans, National Co-Op month provides an opportunity to highlight the benefits of cooperatives and reinforce the impact of credit unions in the lives of hundreds of thousands of Maine people," explained John Murphy, President of the Maine Credit Union League.

According to the League, nearly all Maine credit unions participated in International CU Week (October 11-17), more than two-thirds did fundraising activities on behalf of the Maine Credit Unions' Campaign for Ending Hunger, and one-third of the state's credit unions provided financial education to students during the month.  Six Financial Fitness - Money Management Experience and Financial Wellness events were held during the month in various locations including Portland High School, Scarborough High School, Dirigo High School, Winslow High School, Social Studies Conference, Maine Youth Action Network event, and the University of Southern Maine.

"It was great to see credit unions doing what they do best - getting involved in communities, schools and helping people, both members and non-members," noted Jon Paradise, VP of Governmental & Public Affairs for the Maine Credit Union League.