Away at school or elsewhere? Maine CUs are one of nation's most convenient financial institutions

August 26, 2016

As thousands of Maine students head off to college this fall, and others hit the road traveling out of state after spending the summer in Maine, consumers are advised that Maine credit unions are nearly everywhere throughout the United States.  Thanks to the Shared Branch Network, nearly all of Maine's 672,000 credit union members can access more than 5,400 locations nationwide.

"The Shared Branch Network is the third largest financial network in the country, which makes Maine's credit unions not only the most convenient in Maine but among the most convenient in the entire country.  In Maine, the network offers nearly three times as many branches as any single bank in Maine," explained Jon Paradise, Vice President of Governmental & Public Affairs for the Maine CU League.

Paradise said that the convenience of the Shared Branch Network lets college students going to school out-of-state maintain their relationship with their local credit union and conduct most financial transactions in the communities in which they are attending school.  He added that the same goes for people who spend summers in Maine, and either live or travel out-of-state for the rest of the year.

As of August 2016, the Shared Branch Network had 170 locations in Maine, and approximately 5,400 nationwide.  For a complete list of locations, click here.