History of the Campaign

The Social Responsibility Committee at the Maine Credit Union League developed the CU Campaign for Ending Hunger in association with Partners in Ending Hunger as a way to create a statewide social responsibility program to help end hunger in Maine.    

Credit unions began raising money for Ending Hunger in 1990.

Participation in the Campaign and funds raised have increased over the twenty-eight years of the Maine Credit Unions' Campaign for Ending Hunger

Since 1990, the Credit Union Campaign for Ending Hunger has raised over $7.2 million

In 2016, 58 Maine Credit Unions and 8 Maine CU Chapters raised a record-setting $675,000. 

The Campaign has raised $100,000 or more for twenty-one consecutive years, surpassed the $200,000 mark the past thirteen years, exceeded $300,000 for the past eleven years in a row, topped the $400,000 mark raised for six years in a row, exceed the $500,000 plateau for the past four years and, the 20156 Campaign marked the second consecutive year that the Campaign surpassed the $600K milestone. 

100% of all money raised goes to the cause of ending hunger.

All money raised is tax deductible.