Helping others: A Maine Credit Union tradition!

When disaster strikes, we help!



Recently, when devastation struck once again through multiple Hurricanes last fall, Maine's credit unions stepped up and launched our safe and secure online fundraising platform - CUAid.  This is in partnership with the National Credit Union Foundation and 100% of all contributions go directly to helping those impacted by this epic disaster.

Message from Maine Credit Union League President/CEO, Todd Mason:

In times of need, the Credit Union Movement has always stepped up to help, and this is certainly one of those moments. 

One-hundred percent of the donations through CUAid goes to credit union disaster relief. I thank you in advance for whatever help you can give. 

Whether it's in Maine, across the country or the world - Maine's credit unions and our 690,000 members have a long tradition of helping others when disaster strikes.  From Hurricane Katrina and flooding in the St. John River Valley in Aroostook County to Hurricane Sandy and the massive earthquake in Haiti, Maine's credit unions and our members have contributed nearly $200,000 to just these causes alone.

Though there is not a specific alert in effect right now, you can make a safe and secure contribution anytime.

Click here to make a safe and secure contribution.

Thank you.