The American Community Project

The Maine Credit Union League was a proud supporter of the American Community Project, a countrywide tour that is exploring hunger needs throughout the United States.  The Maine Credit Union League supported these efforts through generating awareness and funds for the tour, which visits farms, food banks, shelters, schools, Rotary Clubs, credit unions and other organizations working to end hunger.

The trip recently concluded with a triumphant celebration in Augusta.  Organizers are in the process of determining next steps and splitting the funds raised during the trip among organizations in the forty-eight states it visited.  Solutions include, but are not limited to, school gardens, urban garden, community gardens, greenhouse projects, seed initiatives, gardening kits and gardening classes.

The American Community Project was created by Dan Emery, who was inspired to start the initiative through his involvement with the Maine Credit Unions’ Campaign for Ending Hunger while working at Maine State CU.

For more information on the American Community Project, including how you can contribute (donations still accepted), visit