Our Staff

Todd Mason, President
Ext. 260

Gary Glenn, Executive Vice President
Ext. 259

Cheryl Lancaster, Senior Vice President of Member Services
Ext. 274

Cris Wescott, Senior Vice President of Administration and Finance
Ext. 271

Jon Paradise, Vice President of Governmental & Public Affairs
Ext. 273

Debra Trautman, Vice President of Corporate Marketing
Ext. 298
Elise Baldacci, Assistant Vice President of Governmental Affairs
Ext. 265
Jane Thomas, Director of Education
Ext. 264
Linda Scott, Director of Conferences and Events
Ext. 312
Megan Curtis, Corporate Communications and Marketing Coordinator
Ext. 353
Susan Erlandson, Education and Events Support Specialist
Ext. 275

Kelley Souza, Executive Assistant to the President/CEO
Ext. 255